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Finding a cheap cruise from California is not difficult. The short trips to Mexico are always affordable. But how to find a good deal on a longer cruise?

Travel agents and online cruise reservation services have current cruise deals. Compare two or three sources, they all aren't the same.

Booking early is a basic way to save money. The cruise lines want to fill ships as soon as possible, so they give good deals to those who make a reservation a year or more in advance.

You can also check last minute cruise deals. Those are sometimes ridiculously cheap because the cruise line wants to fill the remaining cabins. The catch is you won't have much selection, and you have to be ready to leave in 30 days or less.

The time of year is also a very big consideration. The cheapest months to sail are November and December (except for the holiday weeks, which are expensive).

Search a little and you'll find a good deal on a cruise. Reserve it quickly because the best deals don't last.

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